Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Brush Studio

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Welcome to the Brush Studio, where you'll find a delightful variety of resources to help you create designs in Adobe Illustrator with an authentic, decorative, hand-lettered look! Created with three different types of media (chalk, pencil, and ink) these amazing handmade assets will give you everything you need for your next digitally "handmade" design:
• 91 art brushes - 23 pencil, 26 ink, 42 chalk
• 15 pattern brushes - 3 ink,12 chalk
• 16 pattern swatches - 3 pencil, 5 ink, 8 chalk, in 2 colors each (32 total)
• 18 rustic scribble styles
• 44 realistic hand lettering text styles - 27 in chalk, 11 in ink, 6 in pencil
• 40 ornaments and 22 framing elements - all with editable strokes
• 2 sets of lettering (41 Characters each) and 2 sets of catchwords (14 per set) all with editable strokes
• A helpful PDF user guide with tutorials, tips, and tricks to get you started!
The Brush Studio is compatible with Adobe Illustrator CS3 and above, and comes with separate libraries for brushes, pattern swatches, and styles


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