Thursday, May 2, 2013

Vintage Post Mark Photoshop Brushes

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Vintage Post comes from old Postcards and postmarks.
Perfect for Art Journals, Collages, Photographs and craft projects.
Includes the .abr Photoshop brushes and .png Stamps

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  1. Love so many of your vintage designs - and it give me inspiration as well. I have a question if you don't mind answering. I've just started back up in doing digital art and cleaning graphics for people. And actually found my old photoshop 7.0 software and it installed - wow. Been 10-12 years since I would with it. So many things have changed and I'm trying to catch up. Question:
    What do you or others mean by photoshop brushes and .png stamps. I save many pictures as a .png file but what do you mean by 'stamp'. And what is a file called with 'no background' a digital file or nothing else than a general graphic with no bckgd?

    Thanks and can't wait to look thru more of your wonderful designs.
    Cheers, Phyllis Fisher


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